FTO Interview: David Whitlock – VP Welfare and Community

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In the first round of voting, David Whitlock was elected as VP Welfare and Community. David Whitlock received 1,101 votes, Polly Davis received 404, Lucy Clews received 287, and Re-open Nominations received 100.

Photograph: Ian Meeks
Photograph: Ian Meeks

How do you feel campaigning went this year?
I feel campaigning was far more relaxed this year to previous years and candidates were far more friendly towards each other. Obviously it’s a stressful two weeks running around societies and campus bars getting your face out there, but I do find the experience enjoyable as I get to meet loads of people I otherwise wouldn’t.

How did you feel after being elected?
I feel relieved! Glad it’s all over and can start planning for next year, whilst also getting some of my essays done as I had to put my degree on hold for 2 weeks! I feel good as I now know what I’m doing next year and looking forward to getting to know the new team!

How do you feel about working with the incoming Full Time Officer team?
I’d like to think and hope we’ll be a good team, we all have experience in our respective areas which is always a positive, and I know each of them so there won’t be that awkward getting-to-know-you phase. I’d like to think we’ll all be able to go in on the first day and get to work – LUSU are also planning a team residential which should be enjoyable.

What is your main priority for the upcoming year?
My main priorities for the next year will be a focus on mental health and suicide awareness as it’s something I’ve campaigned on a lot already. I’d also like to ‘get back to basics’ almost and run campaigns that students want to see and get involved with by taking their ideas on board with what we should be running.

Any final words to the electorate?
Thanks for electing me! I’d love anyone to be able to walk into the office and start a campaign so don’t feel you can’t just come into LUSU. I’ll try my best, but please remember we’re all human and mistakes may happen (I’m not saying they will, but just incase)!

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