Men’s indoor hockey 1sts improve on last year

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After a crushing 7-2 loss last year, Lancaster’s 1st indoor hockey team were eager to change this on their own territory. However the first half showed York to be the stronger side, scoring four goals. Lancaster just missed out on what appeared to be a goal, but was disallowed.  However, the support from the sideline was unfaltering. It was amazing experiencing the hockey crowd for the first time with their explosive renditions of Fur Elise.

The encouragement from the sideline continued to spur on the team who were facing a 4-0 defeat by half time. It looked to be a clear win for York, but Lancaster soon had York in doubt with a last minute burst of energy leading to two goals. They came close to a third, but unfortunately missed out.  However, Lancaster bringing it back from 4-0 to 4-2 meant that the team could walk away with their heads held high. If there had been play like that throughout the game, Lancaster would certainly have had a chance of wining the match. However, earlier indiscipline meant that the team were not as strong in the first half, so this ultimately decided the end result. The final result was a win for York at 4-2.

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