Third consecutive clean sweep for darts


I’d heard beforehand that the atmosphere during the darts was the best for any event at Roses. After reporting on the pool the previous night, I found this hard to believe, but I’m happy to say that I was wrong.

Hundreds of people turned up to show their support for the men’s darts team on Saturday night, and they were in for a great game. York started off strongly, taking the first set with ease. It looked like the second set might go the same way, but Lancaster fought back to make it 1-1. With the momentum now in Lancaster’s favour, they quickly swept up the third set in just two games.

York weren’t going down without a fight though and claimed victory in the fourth set, bringing the overall score to 2-2. It was clear that Lancaster weren’t as strong as the previous year, and the game ebbed and flowed over the next few frames without a clear victor in sight. Both teams played a great game and kept the crowd enthusiastic throughout, but ultimately victory was secured by Lancaster.

The men’s game was not the only one to come down to a deciding frame, as the women also won by the narrow margin of 5-4. Although not as dominant as the previous year, the victory was just as essential, contributing to valuable Roses points. Earlier in the day in County Bar, the Open 2nds secured a more comfortable result, winning 6-3.

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