Mixed results in college netball


College B

It’s safe to say that the College B Netball match result rested on the shooters. If a shot was missed, the amazing defenders on both teams quickly snapped the ball up, and passed it back down the court for their team to have a shot instead. This continuous cycle meant York (Vanbrugh College) had the advantage over Lancaster (Lonsdale College).

York took the first centre, and a quick interception from Lancaster looked as though they were going to take an early lead. Though it wasn’t to be as York regained the ball and swiftly increased their lead to 3 – 1 over Lancaster in the first two minutes alone. Lancaster’s eagerness to close the gap caused breaking at the centre. The first quarter ended 14 – 9 to York.

York’s shooting seemed to fall to pieces in the second quarter, only increasing their score by two goals. Perhaps the decision to move York’s Esther Worrall from GA to GD was the root of this damage, and moving her back to GA for the remainder of the game helped to cement her Player of the Match award. Lancaster made the most of this quarter bringing the score level at half time. The final quarter seemed as if the win might have gone to Lancaster, with the side-line support going crazy as the score levelled once again. However, shot after shot ensured that York maintained their lead all the way to the end, despite fantastic defending from Lancaster’s Roby Johnson and Brogan Dent. The final score was 35 – 28 to York.


College A

Unfortunately for York, Lancaster had this one in the bag from the very beginning. In all honesty, the hardest part of this game was following correct teams. Lancaster’s Fylde played in their orange and black college colours, whilst York’s Alcuin sported red and black. However, Fylde made sure everyone knew who was who, with supporters and banners out in force, including their own Live Feed of the game (the video can be found on the Fylde College Netball Facebook page and is definitely worth the watch!)

Lancaster’s centre court combination of Rachael Cooper (Player of the Match) and Jess Webb were almost unstoppable as they ensured centre after centre made it to the shooters. Fran Waller and Holly Rhodes seemed to have no problem finding the back of the net. York made the most of Lancaster’s mistakes to keep the score close. The first quarter finished 9 – 6 to Lancaster.

However, Lancaster only seemed to become faster and more accurate as the game continued and they really got into their stride. Lancaster improved their lead and pulled the score to 15 – 10 by half time, and 22 – 17 heading into the final quarter. York fought for the ball hard, using every last ounce of energy they had left, but it was too little too late, as Lancaster dominated the play. Every ball York missed Lancaster created a turnover, every ball York dropped Lancaster picked up and every ball York threw Lancaster seemed to intercept – all whilst making it look easy! The final whistle blew with smiles all round for Lancaster as they smashed it 31-23.


College Select

College Select Netball teams compile of the best players from all the colleges at both Lancaster and York. The players undertake gruelling trials and require tons of extra training to create their new teams in such a short space of time. They are the crème de la crème of the colleges and a game that did not disappoint in the slightest!

A shaky start from Lancaster immediately left them playing catch up for the entire match. A slight confusion from the scorers delayed the second quarter as the umpires tried to distinguish what the score actually was. 11 – 5 to York was concluded and the second quarter got underway. Lancaster needed to make the most of every opportunity at a goal but unfortunately just couldn’t find the back on the net. Luckily for Lancaster, York couldn’t either, with only four extra goals each in the fifteen minutes.

York’s GA Catherine O’Mahony found her stride in the third quarter, sinking shot after shot. Lancaster’s defence had to really work hard to stop the ball, and their efforts were rewarded with a few fantastic turnovers! Lancaster GA Sophie Tarif mirrored O’Mahony and scored some brilliant goals from all over the D. Both teams fought hard for the ball as Lancaster were eager to close the gap for the last quarter. Although, they seemed a too desperate to catch up, and as a result lost their focus, making some crucial mistakes that opened up opportunities for further York goals.

In the end, York were just too good for Lancaster to catch up to and took the win at 28 – 22. Lancaster’s Jess Webb received Player of the Match, an amazing feat especially as she had only just played the College A match too. Well done to all players, particularly those who were on their second game of the day – your fitness levels really are outstanding!

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