County and Fylde abandon Legends

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In a statement on their Facebook page, County announced that for 2017 they were bringing students a brand new inter-college sporting event, in collaboration with Fylde, as replacement for their participation in this year’s Legends. The new event is currently unnamed, but will be taking place after exams in term 3, at a similar time to Bowland and Lonsdale’s Founders competition.

County said that they are hoping to strengthen the existing college rivalry between themselves and Fylde, stating that they hope it will continue on into Welcome Week and in to other sporting events across campus, such as the Carter Shield.

Speaking to SCAN, County Sports Officer, Anna Wood, said that County are really pleased and excited for this year and for this new event, hoping that it will help strengthen the existing rivalry between the colleges and that it will be a fantastic post exam day of fun for all to get involved in. Wood added that they will be releasing further details over the upcoming weeks and really hope that everyone can get on board with the event to make the day the best possible and end to exams for both colleges.

Following this update, Fylde College have also released a statement, which offers some more information surrounding their initial decision to drop out of the event. This decision was ultimately put down to the four college structure of Legends, which was also contested by Pendle and Grizedale, citing logistical. They also stressed that their decision to leave the competition was not made by one individual, but was a mutual feeling across both the SCR and JCR.

SCAN was also able to speak to Fylde Men’s Pool A’s captain, David Allewell, who advised that as it is written in Fylde’s byelaws that the college competes in Legends each year, an official vote on the matter will be held at an EGM tonight at 7pm in the JCR. He added that there will be further discussions between the bar sports teams and implored all members of the college to attend so they may have a vote in the decision.

Furthermore, a Facebook event created for the EGM by the Fylde Bar Sports official page stated that ‘Bar Sports will be posting a no vote and to remain in Legends, but even if you don’t agree with us please come and voice your opinion.’ A number of current Fylde students and Fylde alumni, with whom the event is always very popular, have also expressed dissatisfaction with the decision to withdraw.

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