Lancaster straight sets at friendly sitting volleyball

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A friendly but spirited sitting volleyball match resulted in a clear victory in the sets for Lancaster, however York narrowly trailed in each of these sets.

York supporters were out in force for the match, with a “Go York” banner draped over the court.

A few mistakes cost both sides points early on, but as rallies increased in length the competition grew fiercer. Lancaster maintained an advantage throughout but York kept the lead very narrow. 10 minutes into the game York took a small lead with 16 points to 15, but Lancaster were quick to respond with a series of strong serves, taking the score to 21-18 to Lancaster. York’s play improved and they gained three additional points, but it wasn’t enough to stop Lancaster taking the first set at 25-21.

York put on an even stronger showing the second set, but Lancaster maintained a consistent lead in the points. Each time one side took a lead, the other side was quick to even the scores, leading to an intense match with both sides even at 21-21. A quick succession of points from Lancaster meant that they marginally took the second set at 25-22.

Enya Anderson scored the winning point, and told SCAN after the match: “we’ve worked really hard and it was a great game.” The Lancaster team was ecstatic at a deserved win after a closely fought match.

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