University Sport – Is it for me?

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Sports clubs can change your life and here is why you should let them!

From monotone, sleep-inducing lecturers to the unwelcome sound of a 9 am alarm; there’s plenty to loathe in education. University life is far from perfect. But if you challenge yourself and broaden your horizons, there are so many ways to make these few years more than worth your while.

Sport, for many people, is a way in which to escape from everyday issues or boredom, and University provides an oasis of opportunities to express and involve yourself. Here are just a few examples of people who are currently involved in sports teams at Lancaster University and what they have to say about their experiences, their sport and why you DEFINITELY should get involved!

Luke Graham – Men’s Football 2s Captain:

My experience started as a fresher. I played college football alongside Waterpolo until I eventually left water polo and joined the football team in my 5thyear.

Sport has been a huge part of my University experience: it’s given me something to focus on outside of my studies; kept me fit and healthy; allowed me to meet new people; kept me sane; and, most importantly, it has given me memories for life.

Whatever your interests and whatever your ability, there is a club that will welcome you with open arms and, if you’re lucky like me, those experiences will define a large part of your time at University.

Annie Darlington – Women’s Football 1s Captain:

I believe that the opportunities to get involved in a sport at Lancaster University should definitely be taken advantage of. There are countless benefits, such as meeting a new, diverse group of people; and improving at or starting a new sport. The community surrounding the clubs are second to none; they’re open, inclusive and welcoming to all of the new members of their tight-knit group.

For me, joining the women’s football team has broadened my horizons, taught me new skills, improved my leadership and communication and has introduced me to an amazing group of people that I proudly call my team.

If any of this appeals to you – and it definitely should – then come and join us!

Tom Bedworth – Men’s Volleyball President:

The best thing about the volleyball club at Lancaster is the mix of cultures! Our members’ range is extraordinary: from places like Taiwan, France, Spain, Bulgaria, China, Poland, Estonia, Italy, the UK, the USA and so many more – and that’s just in the past season!

All members have a chance to get to know their teammates, both on and off the court, through the high-quality training and the exciting socials. We are open to everyone. We’re more than a club – we’re a family. So get yourself involved and come and join us!

Dan Ashton – Men’s Ultimate Frisbee President:

Having come to Lancaster University as average at most of the popular sports, I sought an opportunity to do something different. The ultimate some of my best friends through joining The Fish.

I would urge everyone to join a sports team. There something for everyone, you can play for fun or competitively, it’s a great way to meet a diverse pool of students, and it’s an extremely welcome escape and relaxation from revision and essays!

Pilar Perez Brown- Former Women’s Basketball Captain and President:

Joining the basketball team brought me friendships I wouldn’t have found otherwise at University, a safe space where I forget about the stress of studies, and it’s helped me focus better in my academic and personal life. Sports are essential to staying healthy both physically and mentally, so joining a sports club is one of the best things you can do at University. You stay healthy, make friends and amazing memories, have fun, take part in Roses (an end of year competition against York), destress and even get to know yourself better! There are so many different sports at Lancaster that I’m sure you’ll find something that you’d like to try. It’s worth it.

Sam Stewart – Men’s Football 2s Coach:

I’ve always loved sports and been involved at a decent level, but for me, Football has also been the pinnacle. Unfortunately, for me, playing was no longer an option, so I took a gamble and turned up at fresher’s fair asking if I could be given an opportunity to coach. After a few conversations, watching the entirety of trials and being involved in a few training sessions, I was given an opportunity.

My involvement increased, and it has become, without doubt, one of the highlights of University life. Being given a chance to be involved with such a range of individuals, cultivate my skills and deepen my experience is something that I will always be grateful for.

Sport is therapeutic and your involvement, in any capacity, can have a huge positive impact on your mood; it can increase productivity regarding your studies; and, most importantly, it can hugely enrich your university experience. The more you throw yourself into sports at University, the more chance you have of loving your time. What are you waiting for? Get that Fresher’s Football Fever, and I’ll see you at trials night!

Matt George- Table Tennis President:

Being involved in a sports team gives you something to get excited for during the week. It can be a great opportunity to take your mind off your studies and enjoy spending hours with your mates doing something you all find fun. I feel it’s made me more confident meeting new people and being a member of the exec for two years has widened my skill set, where I have helped choose teams and organise events. University can be the best years of your life, and it’s important to give things a try as there’s something out there for everyone. Looking back at my three years at Lancaster, some of my fondest memories lie with the sports teams I have played in.

As we can see from the extracts above, there are many messages that are shown consistently from various people, in various sports, and in various positions. It’s clear to see that there are so many opportunities at Lancaster University, and getting involved can reap such amazing rewards. One of the best things about our University is that there are not only opportunities at University level, but there are also countless college teams for most sports as well!

Grab the opportunity with both hands and immerse yourself with a genuine University experience. What have you got to lose?

Information on the different sports at Lancaster is offered by The Student’s Union.

You can find information at

Also, check out the freshers fair in the main hall on the 3rd of October, there are lots on offer!

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