Lancaster put up spirited fight in women’s lacrosse

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Going into a game, knowing that the other team is two leagues above you is a mentally challenging task for anyone, however Lancaster didn’t let this affect them, instead relishing in the challenge. The game started as expected, with a strong York side scoring a several goals, scrapping to get them over the Lancaster goal line. Lancaster didn’t let their heads go down, however, responding by scoring their first goal of the game with a fantastic shot.

York continued to assert their dominance, adding to their score several times, prompting Lancaster into a few tactical team changes, which had immediate effect and led to another score for Lancaster.

Following half-time, Lancaster were on fire with some impressive down field runs that York couldn’t catch, however a converted penalty goal by York took the steam out of Lancaster. This also fueled York’s hunger for more and as a result the score gradually became much more damning. Buoyed on the terrific Lancaster crowd, the spirit and determination remained high and Lancaster pushed through to score another.

Overall, a fantastic game in which Lancaster didn’t let Roses history affect them and continued to show fierce determination against a strong York side. After the game, SCAN spoke to captain Bethan Marriott, who said: ‘It’s always by far our toughest game, but this year we really put up a fight. The team played incredibly well working together to hold York off and gave the game everything. We were happy with the final score as it was a vast improvement on last year and the game felt incredibly exciting and fast paced to play!’.

Final score: York 18 – Lancaster 3.

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