Let’s Go Pubbin’: York special


It’d be rude not to sample some of what York had to offer during our visit for Roses. There’s no points for drinking, but it was still worth putting our all in. Unfortunately due to a long day not drinking since an undefined time, we could not visit as many places as desired, but there were still some gems on offer.

House of the Trembling Madness

I’m quite glad that the House of the Trembling Madness was actually a decent pub, otherwise it’d be a waste of such a great name. It kind of sounds like it should be a Spiritualized album title.

It was quite an inconspicuous place, so much so we had to triple take, let alone double take before entering. As well as housing a cosy bar upstairs, there’s also plenty of ales, beer and spirits stocked downstairs for some leisurely home drinking.

I said it was cosy upstairs, but that might be sugarcoating it a little. It was busy, and hardly space to mark our territory, but worth it for the atmosphere. The wall was slightly haunting, coated in heads of animals, something that you either saw immediately, or caught you by surprise later.

After a long day, it would’ve been nice to have an ale below 5.7% available, but beggars can’t be choosers, especially when those on offer included rich stouts and the lovely Jaipur IPA. If you’re feeling bold, you could even go for a pint of La Trappe (7.5%), despite the bar staff recommending otherwise.

Ye Olde Starre Inne

Apart from an insistence of sticking an ‘e’ at the end of everything, Ye Olde Starre Inne is a decent pub to visit. Yet again, it hides its true potential, as you must navigate a short corridor to actually enter the place.

There are plenty of tiny rooms scattered throughout the place, and there really was a proper pub feel to it, whatever that may mean. Some of it was also labyrinth-esque, proved by the fact a few of us got lost going from the bar to the garden.

On tap there was an eponymous bitter, which fit the description perfectly, as well as plenty of hoppy and light ales, which are definitely recommended sessions ales. Even on a cold night, it’s worth sitting outside with a warm heater that’ll make you feel stay for a few more ‘just one more pint’s.

Punch Bowl

I don’t think they liked us here. We had a swearing ban imposed on us, and told us that Semisonic’s Closing Time coming on the jukebox was a subtle hint for us to get out.

This Nicholson’s pub served a few ales and your standard lagers, and I opted for the Hop Air Balloon, purely because of its name. This was not such a wise idea as going into House of the Trembling Madness because of its name. It had a strange aftertaste, and quite gassy for what was a light ale. We didn’t stay long.

Stone Roses

A place named after a cult 90s band said pretty much you needed to know about this club. If you like Ocean Colour Scene, Oasis, and Happy Mondays, then this is the place for you.

Similarly if you like triple vodka mixers for £3.20 then this is the place for you. They did also have an ale or two on tap, but this isn’t the place you go to for an ale.

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