Nigel Farage Cancelled at Lancaster Grand Theatre

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The Lancaster Grand Theatre has cancelled a controversial ‘Evening with Nigel Farage’ due to scheduling conflicts.

Scheduled for 29 October at 7:30pm, the performance from the former UKIP leader was to include funny stories, anecdotes and a question and answer session.

The evening sparked much debate and many took to social media to protest against the event.

Jason Robinson, a local resident from Lancaster, set up a petition entitled ‘For Nigel Farage NOT to perform at Lancaster’, on

With 767 supporters, the petition read: “Anger fuels anger and I am very concerned why the former UKIP leader has decided to make an appearance in our city, whose district was the most pro-remain during the Brexit vote in the county.”

“I believe this man deserves no attention whatsoever in Lancaster, whether it is positive or negative as he is a controversial figure and I feel he would bring further controversy to the area if this performance went ahead.”

Robinson hopes to get 1,000 supporters on and deliver the petition to the Theatre Committee and Lancaster City Council.

SCAN spoke to Robinson who said: “I was very flattered about the amount of signatures the petition received- it started with 200 overnight, and then I submitted it to the theatre on Saturday night with 767 names on it. My intentions of this petition were not for anything but for the concern of this area we all live in.”

“Mr Farage does create quite a polarising public opinion, and I have been genuinely concerned that the Grand Theatre in Lancaster, of which is a registered charity and chiefly run by volunteers, was not the correct venue for his appearance. Also, there no is disrespect to the theatre itself as it is a wonderful theatre, rich in history from the area”.

However, Nigel Farage’s agent told SCAN that Farage’s appearance was cancelled due to scheduling conflicts – not the petition.

Pete Burrell from Seven Stars Agency, who represent Farage, informed SCAN that the MEP’s appearance was not formalised and that it was cancelled because the dates did not work with Farage.


In April, ‘An Entertaining Evening with Nigel Farage’ sold out at the Princess Theatre in Norfolk.

A spokesperson for Lancaster Grand Theatre said that the event had been cancelled at Lancaster.

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