Did my gift-givers get it right?


After writing a rigorous Christmas List, and opening presents on Christmas day, I feel the need to compare my list to what I actually received.

Christmas is not solely about gift-giving: it is about spending time with friends, family and the ones you love. But just this once, I want to focus on the gifts.

The first item on my Christmas List was an odd one: A So…Smile Teeth Whitening Kit. After spending too much time at university, sipping endless amounts of tea and coffee, this year I have been feeling self-conscious about how not-white my teeth are looking.

Instead, I received a Professional Teeth Whitening Kit from Argos. The only difference between them is the branding. I have tried Argos’ Teeth Whitening Kit and physically using it is very similar to how the So…Smile one is described. But it’s too soon to see the results!

My second item was gym clothes. I did not specify what I wanted so it was my own fault really if anything went horribly wrong. My only request was that the clothes were not black; I have too many black gym clothes and felt I looked the same every time I went to the gym. Luckily, my mother managed it. I got lots of grey leggings, jogging bottoms, and vests which matched light-weight longer-sleeved tops. Exactly what I was after. There were not many bright colours either, as my family know I wear quite neutral tones. Well done, parents!

Thirdly: BOOKS! Need I say more? Anyone who gives me a book as a present is going to win as far as I’m concerned. I asked for Stephen King books as I have recently enjoyed some films based on his novels and, as an avid reader, I felt it was time to see what all the fuss is about. I received Joyland (which I would recommend for a quick read), Black Widow and, for the SCAN team’s Secret Santa, I received Misery and a Stranger Things poster!

After opening these presents, I was ready to start my day and just read through them all. Needless to say, I was a very happy gift-receiver at this point. I also received A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, Power by Naomi Alderman, Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales and Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie, from other friends and family – they know me so well.

Overall, it must be said that I am extremely happy with the gifts I received this year. I found that both giving and receiving gifts helped me to recognise how fortunate my family and I are, and I encourage everyone, no matter how big or small their presents were, to be grateful for what they received because a lot of love has gone into each present.

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