Creative Column – Poems by Benjamin O’Rourke

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I honestly can’t tell you how I feel

so confused am I on the false and real

To care too much is to not care at all

But I promise I’ll catch you when you fall

I’m not here to talk of me, but of you.


Your smile could light up the world, or my life

If I was not blinded by other lights

Whatever happens, you’ll always make it

You are not the type to sit and submit

It’s no wonder I think the world of you.


Always there in spirit, always so kind

So many live life without you to find

You keep me grounded where I need to be

But I’ll let you achieve your dreams freely

Whatever happens, I’ll watch over you.


Perhaps we knew one another some time

Maybe now we’re divided in the rhyme

But the words are the same, and we know them

And I’ll sing them with you until the end


With every day our bond will deepen

Guiding me home, as a watchful beacon

I can’t find words to tell you what I mean

But you’re the brightest star I’ve ever seen

I hope one day I can truly know you.



Lord and Lady


She is a drawing to me, a picture

Of a coffee shop or distant island

And I asked her, begged her, let her, picked her

Because she makes the sound to my silence.


She is a moment to me, a quick glimpse

Of happiness, sorrow, love and a laugh

And a secret, special, exchanged with winks

Because loneliness has an epitaph.


She is a lady to me, a royal

Of a land that may not even exist

And to her I remain ever loyal

Because I’d walk the whole world for one more kiss.


I am a lord to her, a sovereign

Of my group, to protect is my duty

And I love to watch the fall of the rain

Because in love, even sadness has beauty.


Amriel’s Serenade


I see you across the room, and your wide

Eyes with worried stare makes me smile.

I was once like you, lost and alone, but now

I can be your guide. But I cannot say hello.


I get nervous, and hide away, waiting for

You to come to me. Then we talk and for

The first time, I’m laughing with someone.

Laughing with a friend. A real friend.


I’ve never had a friend before.

But you’re what I’ve been waiting for.

Here we are, up here, miles above.

Too young to truly be in love.


No one can touch you when I’m by your side

And we travel. Wherever we go, there’s fun

To be had, and I forget the nightmares of my

Past. Laying them to rest as I do the same with you.


The final path is before us now. You don’t

Seem scared, so I put on a brave face too.

Walking the lonely road until we get to the

End, whatever may away us there. Together.


I’ve never been so scared before.

But you promised me something more.

I see the fire burning in your eye.

You refuse to let your promises die.



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