‘Before you graduate’ bucket list


As everybody tells you, university is possibly the quickest three years of your life, therefore it’s time to make the most of it while you’re still young and irresponsible. Here are ten essentials from the before-you-graduate bucket list that must be ticked off before the real world creeps up on you and you have endure the responsibilities of working life.

1. Try something new

For many of us university is a once in a life time experience and although many of us wish it would last forever, it does not. You should grab each and every opportunity with two hands and push yourself to try something new while you’re here. Societies and sports teams are a great way to do this, with around 170 teams and societies which cover everything from sailing to ballroom dancing – we are extremely fortunate to have a university that supports so many recreational activities. So before you graduate, you should make sure you try something you’ve always wanted to do, no doubt it will be a fraction of the price you would usually pay and it’s also a great opportunity to make new friends. It’s a win-win situation.

2. Use student discount while you’ve still got it

Everyone loves getting any kind of discount and the majority of us own a purple or NUS card, so why not make the most of it? There are discounts to be had all over the place, from bagging a bargain when you’re out clothes shopping, to cheap meals in many of the local pub and restaurants. I bet you never even knew half of the places which accept student discount, so make sure you look it up and get your money’s worth while you still can!

3. Go to three extravs you wouldn’t usually attend

Extravs are such a fun way to end the year, so whether it’s your last year or your first year – make sure you get yourself tickets for three nights of fun, mayhem and madness. Final years, why not try three extravs you haven’t tried before? And first years, do not miss out the more extravs – the merrier! Get all your friends involved and end the year with a three day party, it’s a fab way to get everyone together before the long summer at home or graduation.

4. Eat everything in your cupboard

We’re probably all guilty of buying certain foods that just sit in the back of our cupboards for the whole year and finally get binned before we move back home. So during summer term make it your mission to clean out your cupboard, but obviously don’t eat something months past its sell by date! Search deep through the realms of neglected food and see what you’ve got hiding there before you next go shopping, then you can look for some new recipes and whip up something delicious as well as wasting less!

5. See the sights of Lancaster

Lancaster may be small, but on those rare sunny days it’s a beautiful city with lots to see. You probably know where all the night clubs are, so why not have a go at exploring the city’s sites during the day time? From the local museum to the castle tours for just £8, there’s plenty to keep you busy. If that’s not for you then why not try out one of the small local restaurants? You’ll be supporting the local businesses and you never know they might even accept student discount!

6. Go out, make new friends and not remember any of their names in the morning

Admit it, in the past you’ve had one too many and woken up wondering what happened last night? Well here’s a new game for you to play, why not make it your mission to make a new mate? We’re all a bit more confident after a few drinks, so get chatty, make friends, maybe even exchange numbers. When you wake up in the morning you can look at your phone and be baffled by the new contact. Surely texting them to find out the ins and outs of the previous night will spark a few laughs!

7. Stay up all night finishing your essay

It’s practically an upheld student tradition, so if you haven’t already, stock up on energy drinks and junk food and work through the night to finish that essay you’ve had for the last five weeks. You never know, you might do your best essay writing under the looming pressure of the deadline!

8. Attend a random lecture just for the crack

Ever wondered what your mates are studying? Why not go along with them to their lecture and see what it’s all about! Or even better get together with a few friends and attend the next random lecture you walk past, physics, management science or maybe even psychology… who knows what it will entail? You might even learn something useful!  (Obviously prioritise your own lectures beforehand).

9. Spend a ridiculously small amount on a night out

Student life is all about budgeting; we budget on our food, we budget our time between lectures, so why not budget on a night out? Make a bet with your mate to see who can spend the least on a night out. Set yourself a budget and see who comes home with the most change. The winner is the one with the biggest hangover in the morning but still has a pocket full of cash. Remember no one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep – so go for it!

10. Graduate

Finally, make sure you do enough to graduate. It’s all well and good making the most out of what is possibly some of the best years of your life, but we’re not paying £9,000 a year to finish university without a degree!  It’s important to work hard and play hard so you can enjoy every minute of your graduation, surrounded by your new friends for life and knowing that you made the most of your time here at Lancaster.

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