Fencing- Men’s 1sts

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Lancaster 119 – 101 York

Things were looking good for Lancaster this year. An unbeaten BUCS league and promotion to the 1A while York was being relegated. Perhaps this was Lancaster’s chance to end their two-year losing streak.

With a weapon order of epee, sabre and then foil, Lancaster would be fencing their weakest weapon first. It was close, but York began to pull ahead. A non-combativity from Tom Philips-Langley helped to minimize the damage. As a result, epee ended 38-33 to York.

LICA was starting to fill up as we moved onto sabre and you could pick up on the tension. Lancaster got off to a solid start with fantastic fencing from Max Clyde. However, York managed to regain a sizable lead. A great 12-5 bout from Ben Dines took a chunk out the lead and sabre ended 45-41 to York.

Foil was easily Lancaster’s strongest weapon, so hopes were high that they could regain the lead. It was an intense match but York’s foilists were outclassed. Lancaster won 45-18. More than enough to win the match. A great showing from York this year with a strong epee and sabre team but it just wasn’t enough to beat Lancaster’s foilists.

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