Fencing-Men’s 2nds

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Lancaster 135 – 102 York

Lancaster’s confidence going in was high, having won every 2nds match since 2013. However, York’s team was looking better than expected. A weapon order of foil followed by epee and to finish off sabre was decided. Foil was Lancaster’s least confident weapon but the foilists pulled it out of the bag. A great 5-2 performance from beginner Austin Ridley was a highlight of the match.

The score was 45-37 going into epee. The start was hampered by many equipment failures but once it got going it was neck to neck until the last few points. Lancaster just managed to win 45-41. Close scores, so sabre was going be the decider. Lancaster quickly pulled into the lead with some great fencing from the sabreurs. Once Lancaster hit 33 points a recovery from York was impossible. Lancaster kept it going and won sabre 45-24.

A great start for Lancaster Uni Fencing Club. Some great performances from fencers on both sides. A match to be proud of.


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