That’s a Wrap!

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Think outside of the (gift) box when it comes to wrapping presents this year. Getting crafty with gift décor makes a chore like wrapping gifts fun and personal. Wrapping can often be overlooked by people as they are eager to reveal what is inside, but with these transformations everyone will take a moment to appreciate the thoughtfulness and flair you have put into it.

So, here are some gift-wrapping ideas and techniques to transform your present into a statement piece under the tree:


Use nature’s very own elements to give a rustic feel of Christmas by adding some greenery.

Materials Needed:

  1. Neutral wrapping paper (Kraft paper is always a good choice)
  2. Hemp rope ribbon
  3. Some type of greenery such as olive, pine, rosemary, bay leaves etc.
  4. Hot glue gun, washy tape, or anything that can stick things together
  5. Bonus: cinnamon sticks, pinecone, orange peel etc.
  6. Paper

Instructions for construction:

  1. Once the gift is wrapped, tie the hemp rode around and form a bow.
  2. To create a wreath, bend the leaves to form a circle and stick the ends together. Place it in the centre of the gift.
  3. Add a note near to the centre of the wreath.
  4. Place additional elements such as a cinnamon stick or orange peel, to give a nice and Christmassy scent.
  5. Lastly place the pinecone in the centre to complete the final piece.

    Image Courtesy of cindylee12 via Instagram.


Give a gift a more personal touch. Everybody appreciates the thought and effort that goes into a collage. Cover it with photos of loved ones, or photos of their favourite places and things. Make it thematic! Create a parcel made of love and joy – to fill their Christmas with memories.

Materials Needed:

  1. Laptop/computer/tablet/phone
  2. Printer and paper
  3. Photos for collage
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue
  6. Ribbon

Instructions for construction:

  1. Gather photos of the person or anything they love.
  2. Create a photo collage in a blank online document or print out each photo individually.
  3. Either wrap the paper around, or wrap a gift with plain paper and stick photos onto it.
  4. Tie a colourful ribbon around the gift.
  5. Now the person will receive a gift wrapped with memories and good selfies!

Christmas Candy

Put some sweetness into your gift by offering your friends and family a Christmas treat. Everyone loves a bit of candy, as it not only tastes delicious, but also represents the joy of Christmas. (Candy cane, anyone?)

Materials Needed:

  1. Colourful ribbon
  2. Candy – Candy-canes, Gingerbread cookies, lollipops, chocolate etc.
  3. Simple or patterned wrapping paper
  4. Scissors
  5. Cello-tape

Instructions for construction:

  1. Wrap the present with either funky or simple wrapping paper. (A simple design can be very effective.)
  2. Tie the ribbon around the present to create a bow.
  3. Place the candy inside the centre of the bow, adding both a nice aesthetic feature and a wonderful act of sweetness!
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