Netball (1st) Opening Ceremony Match Report Roses 2019

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Walking onto the court, the Lancaster side had a lot to prove… could they keep their 12-year winning streak? York hit the court hard scoring the first 3 goals leaving Lancaster’s girls chasing. Lancaster managed to steal a few goals back and closed the gap between the two sides. There was so much spirit from both sides as they raced around the court, there was a real feeling that either side could take the win. Determined to close the gap Lancaster pushed hard and grabbed a few more goals. York had as much to prove with seamless footwork they really worked the court. The first quarter finished with York only two goals ahead of a determined Lancaster side. The narrow lead from York continued into the end of the second quarter, the score 22-20. The gap between the two sides began to widen into the second half, with York’s goal shooter on absolute form, the side only missed one goal throughout the whole match. It was a tense atmosphere for all the players which spread into the spectators who cheered loudly and aggressively for their respective sides. The last quarter saw York storm ahead creating a 20-point lead that left the Lancaster girls unable to claw it back. Both teams played spectacularly, and it was a thrilling game to watch. A member of the Lancaster team said “We’re devastated that we didn’t win, but at the end of the day we played really well. I think both teams played really well up until half time where it was neck and neck. When we played them earlier in the year it was the same. Unfortunately, today just wasn’t our day, and that’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes.” The final score was 52-32, although Lancaster were devastated by the loss, I’m sure they can begin another decade long winning streak at home next year.

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