Trampolining Match Report Roses 2019

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The Trampolining Open was a very well attended event, with many supporters for both teams. The teams were also supported by their wonderful coaches, including Matthew Ryan, the coach for the Lancaster Trampolining Club. The open presented many talented routines from the trampolinists, including a range of very complex moves such as somersaults. Both teams were also very smart in their uniforms and leotards, making them even more captivating in the air. Moreover, the support between the teams was overwhelming and is a credit to each university as neither lacked team spirit.

A massive congratulations is extended to Lancaster University Trampolining Club who won the open, with an impressive score of 195 points against York with 160 points.

The NEUT (Northern English University Trampolining) consists of six differing stages, varying in difficulty.Congratulations to the many medal winners from Lancaster: from NEUT 6, Leah Pomfret won Silver, NEUT 5 Margaux Nobre won Silver and Kira Pattenden won Bronze, NEUT 4 Isabel Clark won Gold, Tom Rochelle won Silver, and Emily Ireland won Bronze, NEUT 3 Libby Daniels won Gold, NEUT 2 James Graham won Gold and Claire Mather won Bronze and from NEUT 1 Savanna Carter won Bronze. Congratulations to all of you on winning an away Roses, you all performed wonderfully!

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