Debating Match Report Roses 2019


The Debating Open at Roses this year was certainly an intense, but very interesting one. The teams’ second debate was on the use of colonial languages in government services, such as education, with Lancaster in favour of keeping colonial languages rather than the regional dialects, with York defending the original language of the country in order to maintain its heritage. In each team was four speakers, who were given seven minutes to present their argument, with occasional interjections from the other team. Lancaster were more open to interjections of information and questions from York; however, York were less willing to engage with Lancaster’s inputs.

The third debate focused on whether activists should be allowed to be elected. The intensity picked up for this debate as it was the final chance to gain a win for either team as it was likely for either to win.

The final score left York as the winning team, with a score of 10, and Lancaster came close behind with a score of 8. The breakdown of the results are as follows: York had one 1st, two 2nds, two 3rds and one 4th, whereas Lancaster gained two 1sts, two 3rds and two 4ths. Joshua Daniels was nominated Best Individual Speaker from York, and Sasha Dowman was awarded Best Individual Speaker from Lancaster. Congratulations to both teams who participated, you were all superb!

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