Postgraduate students unable to register for AGM.

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Postgraduate students are currently facing difficulties in registering for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) next Monday, 28th October on the Lancaster University Students’ Union website.

A students’ union spokesperson said: “We’re aware of an issue involving a number of students being unable to register for the AGM. We’re working to rectify this as soon as possible. Students can email with queries and any issues. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

This issue follows the release of the AGM Motions document earlier this evening, which outlines the topics of discussion submitted by students.

Some postgraduate students have also raised concerns about their position at the AGM, stating on Facebook that: “Postgraduate students workers are in a position of having cross membership of student and trade unions and in this sense, we end up occupying both the positions of student and staff.”

Student’s highlighted the issue with the registration process on the SU Discussion Board, citing that the website ‘says we “do not match the criteria”‘.

Hannah Prydderch, Vice-President (Union Development) who is the lead officer for supporting and developing democratic processes and procedures within Lancaster University Students’ Union said: “The Annual General Meeting is the most important date in the calendar for the Students’ Union. This is where students will have the opportunity to debate ideas, vote on important issues, scrutinise the work the officers and most importantly to make their voice heard.”

As the position and priority of postgraduate students at the AGM is a difficult point of discussion and one that the student body is currently seeking clarification on.

This is an ongoing story.

Ruth-Anne Walbank

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