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So…you’re going to be single, this Valentine’s Day?

Unfortunately, this won’t be an article on how to un-single yourself before the shops turn red and pink, and little hearts plague every greeting card and stuffed bear until March.

Actually — this article will be the exact opposite. Today I will be your own personal cupid, because I’m going to help you get through Valentine’s Day without a relationship, without feeling lonely, and without wanting to burn the notion of love to the ground every time you see a remotely pink-coloured item. (Believe me, we have all been there.)

Being alone on Valentine’s Day is survivable. It really is. Even the people that are in relationships have experienced Valentine’s Day alone at some point in their lives. I know that I certainly have, and there were plenty of things that I enjoyed doing without having a romantic partner at my side, with plenty of other people in my life — and that’s the first tip that I have for you, my lonely hearts club. 

  1. Galentine’s Day!
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Galentine’s Day became a trend years back, but it has always been a theme at Valentine’s. The idea of hanging out with your friends can be much more fun than spending time with a romantic partner, and is super important! Your friends love you — differently, but more than any lover might — and there is little that you could do with a partner that you couldn’t do with your closest friends! When I was single, and even now I’m not, I loved spending V-Day with my gals. Whether it was going to the cinema, getting dinner, or having a fun night with cocktails and drinks. You don’t need a partner to eat chocolate and stick on a film. I used to get my pals flowers and cards if they seemed sad, because chances are that your friends might feel just as lonely as you do. 

2. Family-time Day.

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It’s harder to see your family during term-time, but they can be a vital support network when you’re feeling down in the dumps. My mum used to get me and my sister little presents on V-Day when we were kids because she loved us more than anyone, and I think that’s always stuck with me. Love isn’t always about relationships. Relationships, believe it or not, aren’t the be-all and end-all that we sometimes think they are. Other people in this world love you, and they love you unequivocally. Never forget that.

3. Stay Strong.

Image courtesy of sasint via Pixabay

When you feel lonely it can be hard to remember your worth, but you are worth so much. The journey to self-love is a difficult one but I believe that you will get there. Most of us aren’t there yet, so you aren’t alone. At times like is, it’s easy to feel like you’re the only person who feels lonely, but I promise you that you aren’t. There are endless people on this planet that feel the way you do. Even though it may take time, you will get through it. Valentine’s isn’t easy for everyone, for many different reasons. To all those that are struggling, my heart is with you, and your feelings towards this holiday are valid. You are valid.

At the end of the day, Valentine’s is a means of consumer culture and profit. Society wants you to spend money, but love isn’t always shown through material value — we can show our love, all year round.

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