The Ultimate Freshers IKEA Packing List

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When I was a fresher two years ago, I remember that I was so excited to go to university. I was looking forward to getting involved with societies and making friends, but of course, going to IKEA for a ‘uni haul’ was at the top of the list.

To combat the stress of an IKEA day out, IKEA offers a “student essentials” box which costs around £60. But of course, I like to make my life harder for myself as I love to choose my own duvet sets, cutting boards and bathroom decor. So here is the ultimate guide to shopping at IKEA!


So, kitchenware. Where do you start? Don’t worry, you won’t have to buy your own toaster. Campus accommodation provides all your communal kitchen essentials including a mop, a kettle, a microwave and much more. Of course, what isn’t provided is the personal items that you need for the kitchen, such as pots and pans, tea towels, cutlery, etc.

First of all, I would buy a wok. They may be large and slightly heavy, but they are extremely versatile as you can cook anything and everything with them. I bought the TOLERANT wok which is £9. If you are 100% certain that you want to buy frying pans, there is a set-of-two called KAVALKAD (£5.50), which is perfect if a flatmate wants to chip in.

As for plates and bowls, I would recommend buying them in a specific colour (such as pink or blue) to denote that it’s your crockery, thus ensuring that it won’t get ‘mixed up’ with anyone else’s.

Other cutlery and kitchen accessories (such as knives, forks, spoons) can be found on the IKEA website for as little as £3.50 for a 16-piece set. There’s even a kitchen utensil set called GNARP (£1) which includes a ladle, tongs and a spatula.

A wise student once said that the best thing about going to uni was the glasses you could ‘borrow’ from the bars. Don’t be silly, buy your own! Your college actually has to pay for replacement glasses, with real money. Buying your own glasses isn’t going to break the bank.

Basic glass beakers from IKEA start from 50p, and you can sometimes get them in different colours, like this pink POKAL beaker.


If you will be living on campus, you’ve probably heard the question “what size are the beds?” too many times. The beds are 90x210cm, so IKEA’s DVALA sheets (90×200) fit perfectly. They come in two colours (black and white) and they’re only £5.50!

Next up on the list is a KLIPSK bed tray (£8.50). I know what you’re thinking and yes, unfortunately, mummy isn’t around to do your breakfast for you anymore, so why would you need a breakfast tray? Since lectures are online this year, a bed tray is extremely useful as you can put your laptop on it, making writing essays a breeze from your bed (it also makes watching Netflix more comfortable too!).

If there was something that I disliked about IKEA, it’s that there is way too much choice, so I would recommend that you pick a colour scheme (this made my life so much easier!). I chose blue and white for my bathroom, and pink for my bedroom.

If you are unable to get to IKEA before you arrive in Lancaster, you can always have it delivered. Delivery starts from £3.95, but if you and your flatmates decide to do a joint delivery, the cost will be minimal.

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