Have we all gone celebrity crazy?


The BAFTA’s, The Golden Globes and The Brit Awards are to name a few. Yes, you guessed it, it is of course some of the many award shows taking over our televisions right around this time of year. A few weeks ago I found myself lucky enough to attend the Brit Awards, and believe me when I say I felt lucky. I had visions of bumping into Cheryl Cole and for her to realise she has been missing her long lost best friend. There I was standing the closest I could possibly get to celeb royalty, zooming in on my camera to still find I was staring at mere blobs, who quite frankly could have been anyone. Always looking on the bright side, at least I was there, the atmosphere was unreal and I managed to see some amazing bands and presenters. But it got me thinking, how obsessed are we with celebrities today? There are numerous newspapers and magazines that are filled from front to back with the latest celebrity scandal. The world goes crazy for them, but why? After all they are only trying to do a job; a job that without we wouldn’t have films, TV programmes or music. What a different world to imagine.

For the fanatics amongst us, Tuesday is like Christmas, when all the new magazines for the week come out. No matter what you’re after you are bound to be exposed to the celebrity world in some form or another. The magazine New has recently announced themselves as Britain’s biggest selling celebrity magazine, with 652,284 issues bought each week. So it is without doubt that the latest celebrity gossip is clearly something people want to know. Don’t people want to read about real life issues such as politics, business or the environment? Well maybe so, but clearly it is just as interesting to read about celebrity dramas and I can’t say I blame them. Whether you love or loathe the celebrity world it is without doubt that by reading about them you can escape your own worries and thoughts for even just a few minutes. Magazines glorify everything but I will happily agree celebrity lives seem pretty at ease, filled with tons of money, travelling the world and getting to go to all the trendiest hotspots and parties around. That leaves plenty room for avid readers out there to become intrigued by these stars and continually want to know more.

With our busy lives and hectic schedules there is no wonder that some of us turn to magazines to de-stress, relax and read about how the other half live. By reading about the latest celebrity wedding, break-up or baby being born allows us to shun the essays and readings, but only for a quick break of course. Most of us have a favourite actor, singer or band and what better way to feel closer to your idol than to go through all their dirty laundry in a magazine.

The world has definitely gone mad for it and whether you want to embrace it or not there are certainly enough column inches and websites dedicated to the phenomenon. So, I would say if it’s your way to relax then why not take it all in and just enjoy it. If however you are someone who will never be fascinated with the likes of Katie Price, then at least check out Ricky Gervais at this year’s Golden Globes. He is sure to make you squirm in your seat with his many jokes

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