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Movie Soundtracks and Reading

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Throughout the lockdown, I have taken to listening to music whilst reading books, which has proven to make an even more enjoyable reading experience.

Below I have listed a few of my favourite playlists that I listen to whilst I’m reading.

  1. Spotify Reading Playlist

I love this playlist and besides choice number 2, this is my go-to when I’m reading – unless I am listening to the audiobook! This playlist is great just to have some chill and calming tunes in the background whether I am reading or not. It’s also great for making me focus, whether reading or studying. My favourite song from this playlist is Onteora Lake by Kyle McEvoy and Stan Forebee. Although this playlist is really good for reading and studying, it can also have a somewhat positive effect of sending you off to sleep with its chill vibes.

  • The Imitation Game Soundtrack

This has been a recent discovery and adds some great drama and crescendo to any reading experience. I began listening to this playlist whilst I was reading Normal People by Sally Rooney and the tension of Marianne’s and Connell’s relationship perfectly matched the tension of this movie soundtrack. I am also just a huge fan of The Imitation Game as a film and the soundtrack alone is just incredible.

  • Noelle Gallagher’s Reading Playlist

Noelle’s playlist is more of a collection of songs rather than a playlist as I saw a fleeting screenshot on Instagram, but as she is my favourite booktuber and I trust every book recommendation she gives me, surely, she cannot be wrong about music also? Definitely not.

The best songs on this playlist and that she has recommended are Izakaya by Kalaido and Memories by Ramin Djawadi, featured on the Westworld soundtrack.

  • The Ultimate Reading Playlist

The title speaks for itself; this playlist is just a collection of some great instrumental songs to help you concentrate and add a great atmosphere to any reading experience.

  • Late Night Reading

I really like the atmosphere of this playlist; the little description they give at the top of the playlist is:

              “Climb under the covers with a good book and some headphones. This playlist will make it easy to focus on the written word.”

I love the idea of getting bundled up with a mug of tea and a blanket to get stuck into a good book and I love that there is a playlist designed exactly with that aesthetic in mind. Over the summer I have definitely found quite a few books where I will easily stay up until 1, 2, or dare I say, 3 am just because they are so good, and I cannot sleep until I know how the book ends. Some of the books that kept me up are In Five Years by Rebecca Serle which is a romance surrounding a woman who, on the night she gets engaged and lands her dream job, has a dream about a strange man, only to meet him 5 years later.  

I hope these playlists to give you a more enriching reading experience!

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