SCAN 1960s Photoshoot: 50th Anniversary Special Edition


To mark the 50th Anniversary, SCAN Fashion decided to put together a photo shoot celebrating all the styles of the decade which we still see on catwalks today. From the psychedelic to the super smart, 60s style was all about expression and individuality, which you can see through the huge range of pieces featured in this shoot.

Inspiration came in many forms, but centred on university life. As Lancaster was born in ’64, so were the statement styles of the era and we felt the best way to intertwine the two would be to showcase fashion across campus, using students to hark back to the swinging 60s.

By mixing both modern and vintage pieces, the shoot truly highlights how the statement looks of the 60s are still so prevalent in today’s fashion. It’s a testament to the designers of the decade and to our wonderful university.

We could not have put this shoot together without some invaluable support. Thank you to Rhea Cairns and the rest of the team for modelling for the shoot and helping with styling. The stunning photography of Mae Reddaway and Jay Theis helped the beautiful vintage pieces come to life. These amazing garments were sourced from Peely Pops Vintage and The Vintage Shop in Lancaster, so thank you to Eunice and Kelly for allowing us to borrow some of their fabulous stock.

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