Christopher Plummer: A Tribute 


A legend! 

On the 5th of February 2021, the legendary Canadian actor, Christopher Plummer passed away at age 91. The much-loved actor was best known for playing Captain von Trapp in the Oscar-winning musical The Sound of Music. This classic film is one of my all-time childhood favourites, alongside Grease the musical and any of the Audrey Hepburn films. However, I have also watched many of his other films which I highly recommend from, All the Money in the World which is a fabulous movie about the Getty Empire, to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, a much darker thriller. 

This sad passing has made me view The Sound of Music in a different way, looking at the fashion behind the film which isn’t the first thing many individuals think about. Set in Austria 1938, the traditional costumes the characters are seen in aren’t the fashion and style we would wear today, and I can’t see it coming back either. 

If we first look at Christopher Plummer’s character, his sleek uniform is reflective of the Captain’s career and standing. I absolutely adore the jacket! It is something you still occasionally see if you look in the right places. I, for one, am obsessed with a good jacket especially if it’s vintage. It can bring a basic outfit from a 4/10 up to a good 9/10. This outfit, for me, is the only one that I considered fashionable in the 21st century that is seen in the rest of the film. Like Caroline de Maigret once said, a good smoking jacket is a wardrobe staple!

Julie Andrews, another icon, plays the female lead alongside Christopher Plummer. Her character, Maria is a bit tomboyish when it comes to the costumes compared to other outfits seen on the female characters. However, this light blue floral dress is a gorgeous piece by the costume designers. The style may not be particularly modern, but similar pieces may be seen in the summer months in stores. What I like about Maria is her style evolution compared to the other characters. In the beginning, she wears bland and plain clothing, but as she starts to fall in love with the Captain (who doesn’t when watching the film!) she wears brighter pieces which bring out her glowing complexion in the Austrian sun.

The young and blossoming romance between Liesl and Rolf is what I loved when I was a little girl. Liesl’s pretty pink dress is another iconic costume in the film, a bit fairytale-like. It makes me think of a French summer in a beautiful chateâu. This dress reminds me of designer Oscar de la Renta, dresses fit for a queen or princess. 

Finally, I can’t reminisce about The Sound of Music costumes without mentioning the Von Trapp children’s costumes made from Maria’s curtains in the film. The only thing about this costume that could be remotely modern is the colour. This spring 2021, is seeing the comeback of sage green, which I’m particularly excited about. 

This movie, although not known for its fashion and more for the music, is in my opinion very fashionable with a range of different styles. It is a devastating loss to lose such a legend in Hollywood, he will be greatly missed. It was so interesting to watch the stars from the movie come back and talk about his legacy and the person he was. For those that have not watched the film, I highly recommend it! I, for one, will be re-watching. 

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