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Two words – academic burnout. At this point mid-term, it can seem as though there is no end in sight and there is a wall of deadlines to break through. It is grim at the best of times and considering that most of our workdays involve rolling out of bed, taking fewer than ten steps to our desks and staring at a laptop screen for upwards of eight hours, we need escapism. Luckily, there are many cosy and familiar shows available on tv that may distract you from the monotony of lockdown work.

The Joy of Painting

That’s right! The art series starring everyone’s favourite soft-spoken legend Bob Ross is available to watch on BBC IPlayer. After reading negative feedback on an essay, turn on an episode and unwind whilst Ross effortlessly works away at a canvas. If you have some free time, it might be fun to try and paint alongside him!

Craftivism: Making a Difference

Also available on BBC IPlayer, Jenny Eclair goes an adventure into the world of empowerment through craft! As an avid crochet fanatic myself, it is therapeutic to hear others talk about how their crafting impacts their own wellbeing and uplifts others. It is often easy to dismiss craft time for other more productive activities (according to society’s standards); this documentary challenges that voice in our heads, teaching us that craft can transform lives.

The Great Pottery Throw Down

You might be thinking … why? The success of the Great British Bake Off has spawned a series of strange, yet loveable, competitions based upon wholesome skills featuring wholesome participants and wholesome hosts. The Great Pottery Thrown Down can only be described as cosy tea and biscuit TV at its finest! With the current season currently showing, all episodes can be binge-watched through All 4, including the first season. It also must be said that the host Siobhán McSweeney (of Derry Girls fame) is wonderful!

The Great British Sewing Bee – Christmas and New Year’s Specials

Unfortunately, the main seasons of the Great British Sewing Bee are not available on BBC IPlayer, but the celebrity specials are. With Joe Lycett as one of the hosts, how could this not be amazing? Whilst some celebrities are genuinely skilled, naturally, it wouldn’t be a celebrity special if something doesn’t go hopelessly wrong. Sally Phillips, Sara Pascoe, and Dr. Ranj Singh are some of the line-up; again, this show radiates serious wholesome vibes! No matter how you are feeling, this show will be sure to put a smile on your face.

The Romantics and Us with Simon Schama

This three-part series is currently available on BBC IPlayer and even though it may sound like a documentary you were forced to watch in high school English, I promise it is better than that! The Romantics were an interesting group of people, contradictory in many regards, but nonetheless pioneering. In exploring the lives of the Romantics themselves, their philosophical conceptions of human consciousness, and their understanding of identity, it is existential viewing. When you need your brain occupied by thoughts of a different substance from work, there will be something in this series that hooks into your mind!

Whether art, crafting or reading is carrying you through lockdown, there are many shows available on catch-up that can elevate your interest. With self-care being fundamental at the moment, take time for yourself, curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and relax to one of these shows.

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