Music Upcomers: Leo Jai releases debut exploring toxic relationships and sexuality


‘come over.’ comes from a series of encounters between lovers.

Leo Jai, 19, is one of London’s rising stars. In his debut, ‘come over.’, the Ugandan-born singer explores the motion of infatuation and the nature of a toxic relationship in a voice so tender it reminds you of Troye Sivan or Zayne.

“Before, during and after heartbreak,” he told umusicians, “this song travels through the motions of a love which once appeared bliss but in reality was built on toxicity.

“When I was writing this song, I was dealing with my own trauma from past experiences helping me emphasise, ‘I don’t want you to come over.’”

Leo Jai, already proving himself a holistic force to be reckoned with, edited his own cover art and co-directed his music video. Filmed in lockdown, the video makes use of every room in the house, featuring several aesthetic shots in the bath and looking out across the London skyline. And, of course, plenty of scenes with his plant babies.

The thought-provoking lyrics are the kind you’re already singing along to before you’ve finished hearing the song for the first time. They’re catchy and vibey but hold a certain nostalgia for innocence.

“When you’re a teenager, any sort of affection mixed with alcohol, drugs and partying can blur the lines of your feelings which haven’t even been identified yet but, at the end of the day, the truth always comes out.

“The title of the track contains a full-stop, implying that this is the final chapter of our story…Period.”

‘come over.’ may be about the end of this chapter in Leo’s life but it’s just the start of this London singer-songwriter’s career under the management of L4ent Ltd.

See him perform live at the secret London venue, Garden of Rhythm, on May 20th.

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