Helen McCroy: Tribute to her most iconic looks


16th of April 2021, Helen McCroy sadly passed away at just age 52. An iconic actress, beloved wife, friend and mother, she is most renowned for her roles as Polly Shelby in BBC Peaky Blinders, as well as Draco Malfoy’s mother in Harry Potter alongside many other great films eg. Skyfall. 

As a tribute to her successful career, I decided to take a look back at some of her most iconic looks on the red carpet as well as the many characters she plays.

Firstly, my most favorite is her character Polly Shelby in BBC Peaky Blinders. Her character is a strong, independent businesswoman which is what I aspire to be (without the violence of course)! At the time this wasn’t the case for women.

The recent look from Season 5, has got to be the most iconic! The sunglasses, the hair, the red lip and a power suit, which is the trend currently, is amazing. Don’t forget the Bentley she is leaning on! The show will not be the same without her!

Sticking with the ‘independent woman’ mindset my next look is again from Peaky Blinders, but this time Season 4. 

This small scene again featured the iconic shades, but this time a gorgeous and slightly embellished trench coat which Helen pulls off so elegantly. The sex appeal of smoking in this show is once again featured here. I think what stood out was almost how modern Helen’s character looks compared to the other women. Definitely a favourite scene!

My last look from the series is from season 3. This time Polly Shelby is sporting a more feminine look compared to her ‘Female Boss’ attire in other episodes and scenes. 

The pastel, almost nude pink ball gown with feathers is elegant, sophisticated and just glamorous. Helen’s figure looks stunning and this off-the-shoulder dress highlights her defined shoulders and collarbones. 

Moving on to the red carpet, there are almost far too many iconic looks to choose from her very long and successful career in acting. However, I have managed to choose a few favorites and even some considered controversial to you.

From the British Academy Awards 2019, Helen wore a floor-length Alberta Ferratti, black dress and looked spectacular. The hair, makeup and dress design were flawless, like it was made perfectly for her. I feel like this look embodies her character on Peaky Blinders. I could envision it being worn with the many ruffles, sequins and details. 

Sporting a green Burberry dress with her husband Damian Lewis at the 21st Critics Choice Awards is definitely up there with my most loved looks. The dress is feminine and sexy with lace yet so modest and empowering. The colour and design are gorgeous and actually so different from what is usually shown by Burberry. 

When researching Helen McCroy’s looks, I actually found out she walked the runway at Temperley Runway Show for London Fashion Week in 2018. This sequined white jumpsuit is a little different than her usual looks but it looks absolutely beautiful as she pulls it off with her glowy skin. This actress clearly loved fashion, and it’s amazing to see how well-rounded she was in her career. 

Overall, Helen McCroy is an iconic woman!

She is fashionable and stylish; even if some of her looks come from a character, it’d about the way she embodied and created that Polly Shelby persona. It’s a tragic shame to lose a beautiful soul to something devastating in life. You can see from the many tributes paid by her loved ones that this beautiful woman will always be remembered and I wish her family all the best as viewers speculate about the next season of Peaky Blinder without the iconic Polly Shelby…

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