Lancaster Volleyball Success Not Exactly A Slam Dunk at Roses 2022


Although York may have won two of the three volleyball matches, Lancaster remained in good spirits.

This was my first-time experiencing Roses, and the energy was electric. Despite the teams getting up early on Saturday morning, all the players were ready to attack.

Starting off with the men’s game, the early crowds were already roaring. You could hear chants from both sides, drums, megaphones and even airhorns.

Lancaster won the first set with a score of 25-22, but York didn’t make it an easy fight. The next few sets were very close but it was York who were ultimately victorious, winning the last three sets.

So, Roses were white for men’s volleyball with a score of 3-1, but what about the women’s team?

Similarly to the men’s match, the women’s started off with the first set going to Lancaster, but York were quick to fight back and take the next two sets. After two sets in a row going to York, the women’s match began to look like another York victory. But, as with all great teams, Lancaster never gave up and came through to take the fourth set. With two sets a piece, the women’s volleyball entered a fifth and final set to decide the victors. It was a close call, but Lancaster persevered, ensuring that Roses were, indeed, red.

Luckily for us, the volleyball action didn’t stop there with the mixed volleyball teams rearing to go. After a defeat for the men and a victory for the women, this match would decide which university would have the ultimate volleyball bragging rights.

Despite taking place at the tail-end of the tournament, a sizable crowd of eager supporters remained. It was this support from the crowd that seemed to give Lancaster an early boost, securing a 25-19 first set victory.

Unfortunately, this is where the success for our volleyball team halted. York managed to claim both of the following sets, leaving Lancaster on the ropes, or in this case the net.  Although the Lancaster side battled hard, with some great last-ditch dives and impressive rallies, York proved to be too strong, winning the fourth set as Lancaster began, 25-19.

After the matches, SCAN spoke with Matthew Sergison (Mixed Volleyball Captain) on how they felt Lancaster’s mixed team played against York: “I think every single player can be proud of how they played.” Sergison went on to express their frustration at a few off-field problems, but accepted York were the better side in the match.

Here’s hoping for a red revenge for the Lancaster Volleyball team next year.

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