Basketball Hive Mind: You Win Some, You Lose Some


Lancaster Women’s Basketball leave York in the dust with an impressive win whilst the Men’s Basketball suffer narrow defeat.

On the 30th April 2022, students crowded into the New Sports Hall to watch both Lancaster basketball teams go head-to-head with York. The music was loud, spirits were high, and a battalion of signs peppered the masses.

For the women’s team, the game started off tight. By half time, Lancaster had secured the lead by only one point, taking the scoreboard to 22-21.

But, as the game continued, the level of skill of every player on the Lancaster women’s team really started to show as they began to develop at sizable lead, taking the score to 34-27.

Lancaster continued to play with stoic determination throughout, seamlessly passing to each other as if they were connected to a Basketball hive mind. As a result, York was left in the dust as Lancaster took an impressive win of 51-33, adding a further four points to the Roses tally.

After the match, SCAN spoke with Adina Stanson, who scored the last two points of the game, to see how they felt the team had played. Stanson said that “[today’s performance] was amazing,” and that they were proud “we kept our emotions calm and we communicated…everything went swimmingly.”

Following on from the women’s match and Lancaster’s impressive victory, the men’s team were ready for a win of their own. By this time, the hall had become so crowded that people were queuing outside the doors in hopes of gaining entry.

The game started off neck-and neck with 5-5 but after the first quarter, Lancaster began to crawl ahead with 44-39. Of course, at this point, the chanting had become thunderous.

Although Lancaster defended their net with a level of determination that should be admired, sadly, in the end, York managed to even the playing field. York came out on top with an extremely narrow win of 68-63.

After the match, SCAN spoke with Guillermo Brooklyn (Lancaster men’s captain) on how they felt the game went. He said that “I think we did good, but we didn’t make the shot, so it was unlucky. We played with effort, we played good offence, but it just didn’t go in.’’

Regardless of the results, both teams made Lancaster very proud, displaying hard work, teamwork, and determination.

For more information about the club, please follow the link here

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