Our newest section, Creative Writing, was created in 2021 opening up the section with a poetry and prose Competition. Continuing this each term, the section is accompanied by digital art from Lancaster students Amy Brook and Teddy Khanna. The Creative Writing section and deputy editors decided on the winners of the Michaelmas Freshers writing competition together, while the Lent term competition was decided by votes from readers via a poetry showdown on the SCAN Instagram page.
Michaelmas Competition 2021:
Poetry 1st Place- Ami Clement, Coffee
Poetry 2nd Place- Meg Roser, The Ghost Ships
Poetry 3rd Place- Jonathan Robb, Cross-legged and Cress
Prose 1st Place- Elizabeth Brooks, Other Galaxies
Prose 2nd Place- Helen Constantinou, Your People
Prose 3rd Place- Felipe Sánchez Burgos, You Got This Backwards
Lent Competition 2022: Theme ‘Cold’
Winner: Felipe Sánchez Burgos, Cold
Runners up:
Elizabeth Train-Brown, the snow doesn’t give a soft white damn whom it touches (e.e. cummings)
Faisal Mumtaz, Patterns
Tabitha Lambie, We Need To Go To Bed
Izzi Bartlett, The Cold Beneath Your Shadow
Felipe Sánchez Burgos, 1917
Summer Competition 2022: Theme ‘Roses are Red’