Crapper faces audience at Hustings for VP Equality, Welfare & Diversity


After Sara Dunn stepped down from running for Vice-President Equality, Welfare and Diversity, a now uncontested Torri Crapper delivered a confident and positive hust, stating she wanted to “be the provider” for students of Lancaster University, and stating that “welfare is the key, the glue” to happy and successful students.

Beginning her speech by naming the issues that the EWD position addresses as being “at the top of the agenda” in both university and union meetings, Crapper followed by outlining her plans for setting up an Equality Policy, stating she wants to “look towards change”. Her focus then shifted to the importance of improving facilities for disabled students, arguing that “meagre facilities and temporary provisions” need to be bettered.

Crapper went on to say she wanted to “extend and defend the rights of students”, before finishing with a flourish and a pledge she wanted to be “the voice of the minority as well as the majority”.

Faced with several questions, Crapper fended them off with careful answers, and in response to one addressed towards her about balancing campaigning and dealing one-to-one with students, she adamantly stated “students have to come first”.

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