Lonsdale President to get chop for charity


Matt Windsor, President of Lonsdale College JCR, is planning to shave his hair into a mohawk in the name of Children in Need.

The amount of sponsorship Windsor receives between now and 20th November, when he’ll shave his hair, will affect the type of mohawk he creates and the amount of time he has to keep it for. If he hits the one hundred pounds benchmark he intends to dye it neon yellow or bright orange and keep it for two weeks. If he raises over two hundred pounds he will dye it shocking pink and keep it especially for Lonsdale’s Christmas Ball in December.

“I’ve never done anything big for charity and I thought it was time to. Shaving my hair into a mohawk is also something I thought I’d never do, but why not?” said Windsor.

Depending on the amount of interest, it is possible that Windsor may actually shave his head publically in Lonsdale Bar on the day. He added, “If anyone is interested in joining me, they’re welcome to”.

If you are interested in joining Matt by shaving your hair into a mohawk, or you wish to sponsor him, you can find his group ‘Matt’s Mohawk – Yes Mohawk’ on Facebook or send an email to [email]m.windsor@lancaster.ac.uk[/email].

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