Shameless Slumps


The latest series of Shameless has arrived and we’re back on Chatsworth estate. We fell in love with the unconventional characters in the earlier series and the stories so far have kept us gripped to our seats. Who could forget the drug fuelled lunacy Paddy suffered and the special effect extravaganza of the exploding shops?

However, our return to Salford seems to have begun with more of a whimper than a bang. Perhaps the show has run its course as it seems to have lost its endearing reality and quick wit as the writers struggle for new ideas. The plot lines are no longer original and are falling into the realm of a conventional soap. There’s the ever popular who’s-the-daddy scenario and many bed hopping couples. The only gem to be seen so far is Frank’s blossoming love life, his relationship with the nymphomaniac librarian is the perfect opportunity to bring back some of the missing comedy. We can only hope that the show will pick up but whether audiences are loyal enough to wait, we shall have to see.

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  1. I like, I like. Nicely written, Natasha 🙂

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