Handley wins big on the night


Marc Handley successfully battled off Re-Open Nominations, to become to newly elected VP (Sports).

Receiving 1,492 votes of the 1,834 cast, Handley achieved well over the necessary quorate of 834. Re-Open Nominations received 176 votes.

Speaking after the results, Handley said: “My reaction at the minute is just drained, it’s been a very very long two weeks. I’m very impressed with the overall turnout, and to have so many people voting for us is just a brilliant thing, and I’d just like to say thank you to everyone for that.”

Handley was asked about running an uncontested election, after Erika Vann, the current Chair of Sports Exec, stepped down from running during Week Seven. “It is a really weird feeling to have someone drop out … I do wish Erika had run, I’m quite sad that she didn’t, because I think it would have been a really good competition.”

He added: “It’s a really weird feeling trying to compete against basically, yourself. You’ve literally just got to find that drive to keep on going, keep on campaigning.”

Handley was also asked about what some of his first actions would be when taking up office. “I think one of the first things I’m going to do – however trivial it may sound – is sorting out the AU cupboard, because it’s disgusting. There’s pads, goals, sticks, balls just left everywhere, and for anyone that tries to walk in there, it’s horrific.” He added that he would also be “sorting out Sue’s [Wynes, current VP (Sports)] office, because it’s really messy.”

All of the winners were asked if any of their policies had changed during the campaigning period. Handley said: “Nothing’s really changed, but with regards to adding things, I think we should try and lobby the University for Wednesday afternoons off, and that’s certainly one thing I’ll be working towards pushing with the new VP (Academic Affairs) whoever that may be.” He concluded, “Everyone seems to be relatively happy with the policies I’ve put forward so far.”

Speaking of his goals for Roses – which will be in York during Handley’s year – and other on-campus sporting events, Handley explained how he hoped to speak to York’s AU President in the near future, “in order to get things started for Roses as early as possible [and] find out how they’re feeling about this year’s event, which can then move on to next year’s event.”

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