York taking the stick


York extended their stranglehold over Roses Lacrosse, with the men’s team emerging victorious for the fifth year in succession.

Traditionally, the sport is a safe store of points for the White Rose team, but luckily for Lancaster, on this occasion the women’s match did not carry points.

In the men’s match, after a finely balanced first 10 minutes the scores were even at 2-2, but the Lancaster defence soon fell apart and began to haemorrhage goals. After the home team’s keeper gifted York a goal, the visitors finished the quarter 6-2 up having created all the chances. In the second period Lancaster fought back with a goal of their own and their keeper redeemed himself, making some excellent saves to deny York. The pressure was too much, though, and Lancaster conceded three before the break.

The third quarter was York’s again, and Lancaster looked on as the visitors bombarded their goal. The best goal of the game came from York’s number 44, who flicked the ball deftly over his shoulder and into the net, bamboozling the keeper and drawing applause from the begrudging Lancaster crowd. Towards the end Lancaster managed to recover, but York’s small attackman Krishana Balan, was incredible for the visitors, scoring 5 of their 18 goals in a wonderful display. York won 18-6.

One Lancaster player said after the match,

“We’re happy with the result. Last year we were beaten 28-0 or something, so this is a great improvement. York are a great team, and we congratulate them.”

The women’s team were also soundly beaten 18-3, whilst York also dominated in the mixed event, claiming 4 points in a 17-8 victory. Extended reports can be found on SCAN Online.

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