The Single: Frisky


The eagerly awaited second single from Tinie’s debut album, ‘Frisky’, is sure to be dominating the airwaves soon. Maintaining many elements from his debut hit ‘Pass Out’ the sound is unmistakable, starting with a catchy electronic riff that will get the attention of the dance floor, the layers begin to build. Featuring Labyrinth’s vocals on Tinie’s trademark tongue in cheek lyrics, root the song firmly in reality, with lines such as “her dress from Allsaints, but I think I’ve found a sinner” and “would you risk it for a chocolate biscuit?” we know exactly where this star comes from.


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Tinie Tempah feat. Labyrinth[/info]

Using what he calls on his MySpace page ‘Hood Economics’ to make the best of what he got, this South East London boy is going from strength to strength in a very competitive market. This new track takes his womanising attitude to a whole new level, frisky Tinie recently told scan if a girl catches his eye on a night out he is “just out for a good time” and this is definitely evident in his new mischievous song. The strong and quick electronic beats keep this track moving and adds to the public view of this breakout artist, his cheeky lyrics matching his cheeky grin.

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