Beach Break Live Competition Winner


Here are the winning five essential items you would bring along in your tent and why, submitted by James Muir.

1) Haribo – perfect for washing away the taste of the sea after a hard day at the beach, handily doubling as an instant popularity-booster with your friends.

 2) An inflatable sheep – this may seem like a pointless item, but the inflatable sheep brings joy wherever it goes. It doesn’t need to be walked or fed, and it stands guard at your tent. Throwing it into the crowd during a performance is also guaranteed to make anybody that sees it laugh, and it will generally brighten up their day. We are in Wales after all!

 3) National flag – you’ll be missing the first week of the World Cup, so show your patriotism with a national flag with mandatory Lancaster Uni-related graffiti outside your tent. Useful for finding it amongst the sea of thousands after you’ve had a few bevies too!

4)      Snug Rug – the snug rug is a comfortable, portable blanket that can be taken anywhere…used for sitting on in the sun whilst watching music, lying on at the beach or wrapping around you once the sun goes down. An added bonus is that it is just slightly too small to fit two people under, so if you can get that guy or gal you like to join you…it’s a guaranteed snuggle.

5) A friend who can braid (girls) or shave (guys) your hair – Beach Break is a 5 day festival and hitting the sea every day will leave you looking akin to Amy Winehouse by the end. Instead of taking buckets of shampoo, get someone to braid it or shave it all off – its much less maintenance and gives you a festival-guru look.

Here are some other useful items you may just need:

  • A Sledge – To carry camping equipment to the site and also pull drunken friends back to base as and when required.
  • UV Rave Paint – Paint yourself head to toe in the stuff to make a human glow stick!!
  • Sexy underwear – To throw at Calvin Harris 
  • A Jester Hat – To protect you head from the summer sunshine, to be easily seen by friends if you become separated from them, to wear when your hair becomes stale and horrible on the 3rd day, and to act as a shield when unsightly pints of liquid (clear or yellow) are thrown over you in a crowd.
  • Ipod dock/portable speakers – these come in handy for when the music stops and you and your friends want to carry on partying all night. Also handy for taking with you if you want some chill out time away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds. Added bonus is meeting new people as music could possibly attract other festival goers.
  • Mankini – (one for the guys) the mankini is a must for any guy and has many benefits over conventional swimwear. For example, it is a one-piece for convenience. Secondly it is a lurid shade of lime which means that it is going to get you seen…lots. This makes it much safer when swimming and also could grab the attention of some VERY lucky ladies!
  • Chewing gum – for minty breath freshness in case you find a surfer guy / chick that you might just find the courage to chat to. Doubles as a handy toothbrush for when you really can’t be bothered.
  • A guitar – nothing says ‘festival’ more than making your own music after the sun has gone down. Even if you don’t play, someone will, so ask your Spanish mate if you can ‘borrow’ his for a few days. It gives your campsite instant kudos, plus if you’re really good you might even be able to serenade the fitty in the tent next door!
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