LUSU Summer Quiz success


The LUSU Summer Campus Quiz took place on Sunday Week Six, in Fylde bar.

Any group from all colleges were able to enter, ith the winners of each college’s previous weeks quizzes present on the night, and receiving free entry to the quiz. Teams were playing for a first place cash prize of £100. 33 teams entered the quiz, which was hosted by Vice-President (Finance, Events, Democracy and Societies) Andy Johnston and Social and Events Group Chair and VP-elect (FEDS), Matt Windsor.

The quiz featured a General Knowledge round, as well as a Never Mind the Buzzcocks style intros round, in which volunteers from the teams had to create their own renditions of the introductions to songs.

At various points in the quiz, certain bonus questions were included, where people had the opportunity to win DVDs.

The winning team, ‘Ben Onley – Still on sale’, was from Furness College, gaining 54 point – two points about the team in second place. The team are going to celebrate with a trip to Wales, and will use the money won in the quiz to fund costs of “fuel, meat and beer.”

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