Pendle Live: Bringing quality music back to campus.


This past year has seen the rejuvenation of the  live music scene around the campus and there is one group of individuals in particular who are to thank.

Pendle’s JCR has worked tirelessly to bring live music to the campus every Thursday night and they have most definitely succeeded in creating a consistently entertaining and enjoyable event. The night has been by no means banal; it has showcased an eclectic variety of musicians both on campus and from further afield.  There has been an array of different artists spanning the various genres, all of which have displayed real talent, a particular favourite of mine being “Hello Bamboo” which I urge you to google as soon as you put this paper down!

The night was born out of former president Dom Lawrence’s infuriation at the severe shortage of opportunities to see decent live music both in Lancaster and particularly on campus. Dom’s brainchild was then passed onto the current Pendle president Andy Barnett. It goes without saying that to put on an entertaining night of high quality live music is definitely a huge challenge, but one that Andy has tackled enthusiastically with a great deal of help and support from Pendle Licensee Julian Collins.  There has been an assortment of difficulties ranging from technical issues to bands splitting up the night before gigs, but no night has been cancelled and a high standard of quality has been maintained.

There is not a great deal of investment in the night and it is funded entirely by the JCR. All the bands which play do so voluntarily, but more financial investment is needed if the night is to flourish and become even more successful. Pendle Live needs your help. Andy and the Pendle JCR have compiled “Pendle Live: The Album”, a professionally mastered 13 track album featuring artists that have taken part over the past year. For merely £3 you can have original songs from Dukebox, Hello Bamboo, The Microtones, Dan Cropper and many others and all the proceeds will go towards some much needed sound equipment.

The future of live music is in our hands, if we don’t support the efforts of the likes of Andy and other JCRs then they cannot succeed. On the other hand if we do show them our full support then it is us which shall benefit. Andy has already accomplished a great deal, bringing the likes of artists such as “The Bear around Your Neck” (another must-google) to campus. However he is already working on bigger plans, with bigger ticketed events featuring more well-known artists, but to attract these artists it is we the students which need to invest and show our full support.

Thus far Andy and Pendle JCR have proved extremely successful and their live music every Thursday has already attracted a dedicated fan base, one that is truly deserved. It looks as though Pendle Live is only going to get better and if you are a music-lover you would be stupid to not give it a go.

If you are interested in buying a copy of “Pendle Live: The Album” or are an artist looking to play at future Pendle Live events then simply email Andy at [email][/email] .

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