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If you’re new to the sunny shores of Lancaster, it might come as a surprise to learn it’s the coldest place on earth. Yes, the beams of glorious sunlight in the prospectus are mere digital enhancements fabricated by the University. The glacial winds that bluster down the spine will claim hundreds of naive, coatless freshers this winter, so Lancaster’s first fashion forecast is embracing the trend stepping straight out of the Arctic Circle and onto the high street.

There’s nothing new about the fur coat, but this season fur has outgrown the 1960’s vintage jacket, becoming contextualised by winter in Europe. The trend is now being styled with a Scandinavian influence, the neutral colours of the faux deer and wolf pelts replacing loud safari skins as our fur of choice.

River Island has some killer fur pieces for girls. Above: Frazer boot (£64.99) — © River Island

If taking inspiration from countries that gave you Ulrika Johnson and questionable meatballs doesn’t do it for you, look over to Russia for your fur epiphany. Brown bear jackets and fur Cossacks scream femme fatale from the wrong side of the iron curtain and will work for those with dark features.

Furry footwear is going to be a staple of your autumn/winter wardrobe, moving beyond the realm of yeti slippers into wearable pieces. Sheepskin has become a key texture for the lining of heeled turnover boots. The trend is reminiscent of aviator jackets for your feet, whilst retaining the femininity and glamour that has eluded the Ugg boot.

Faux fur is also making the transition from loungewear to sexy heels. A key feature to look out for when picking your on-trend boot is cut-out detail in the front or on the toe. Not only does this break up the bulk of the shoe, it gives you the opportunity to team them up with autumn’s craze for chunky, textured socks.

It may seem like a feminine trend, but many of the high street stores’ winter lines are insisting that the men’s fur coat is no longer just the fashion domain of 50 Cent and Noel Fielding. Like the lovechild of an overcoat and a chinchilla, the fur jacket pour homme will undoubtedly be as derisive amongst the population as the male crop top.

For a gentler foray into the world of fur, the fur-trapper and geek specs combination is an ever popular hipster look for guys and girls alike. Military-inspired fur-lined parkas or vintage Topgun jackets are another way to embrace fur in your outerwear this season.

How to style

Primark: Faux fur trapper (£5); Floral mix and max tunic (£10); Faux fur belted gillet (£17). Ribbed over the knee socks (£1.50); Knee-high zip boot (£18). — © Primark

Don’t go overboard — Limit yourself to one or two fur pieces per outfit to avoid looking as though you’re on a caveman social. Think less Neanderthal and more ski-chalet chique.

Snow Queen — Bring out your inner ice maiden and team up your fur with another red-hot trend by pairing it with white tights and wintery jewellery.

Au naturel — Whilst the vintage fur coat called for vibrant red lips, this style loves make-up au naturel and winter pale.

Miltary Boots — The concept of this trend is mastery of the winter elements so the rough and ready style of your boots and the similar colour palette will make them a perfect match.

Christmas Jumpers — Patterned wool jumpers accentuate the Scandinavian influence of the trend.

Where to shop

River Island’s autumn/winter line has some killer fur pieces for girls and is tackling the men’s fur coat in a masculine way. For more pocket friendly prices, jump on the train to Preston and pick up some of these Primarni pieces.

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