Who is Carolynne?


It’s safe to say you’ll have noticed something new about SCAN this year: she’s sitting pretty in front of you now. This is Carolynne, SCAN’s stylish, more lighthearted sister.

When I was on the campaign trail earlier this year trying to get elected as SCAN Editor, a common criticism of SCAN was that it was too serious, that there wasn’t enough of the fun stuff. What fun stuff there was often wasn’t related to life at Lancaster enough. Carolynne has stepped in to fill that hole.

This is a pullout dedicated to life as a student at Lancaster University. We want to tell you about great places to visit and events to attend, where to go for a good time or a bargain present, how to stay warm but stylish on a budget and to look at the issues that interest you. We’ve got Hugh, our resident fashion columnist to keep you on trend; Penny How, our international correspondent to give you taste of life as a Lancastrian abroad; there’s Bex and Gareth who’ll be offering their own unique perspectives on life at Lancaster (pointing out their own life fails so you can avoid them); and finally our resident quack, Mystic Macleod, giving you a glimpse into your future, two weeks worth of it at least.

But to really make Carolynne a definitive part if student life at Lancaster we need you guys: your ideas and your thoughts and you stories. Get in touch with our Carolynne Editors if your interested in getting involved (you’ll find their contact details on page two of SCAN).

But why Carolynne? I’ll grant you it may seem like a strange choice of name.

Carolynne has been a magazine before. The original was created four days after the University opened by a Bowland student called William Smethurst who rather fancied another student called Carolynne. He named his magazine after her in a bid to attract her attention. Their engagement was announced in the magazine in 1968, so it’s safe to say the namesake worked.

Back then Carolynne ran independently of SCAN. Where SCAN was a newspaper, reporting on the comings and goings of the University, Carolynne was more of a cultural magazine. It seemed fitting that when I was thinking about introducing a lifestyle and culture pullout to SCAN, it should be called Carolynne.

The original Carolynne was well loved around campus, I hope you’ll enjoy this Carolynne just as much.

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