Freshers’ Week: did it live up to the hype?


As I embark on the last part of my University journey, I bid a fond farewell to my last Freshers’ Week and although very enjoyable, it does have its pitfalls.

Sarah (middle) and her friend during Freshers' Week 2010 — Photo courtesy of Sarah Taft

You may have moved away from home and be feeling the freedom of having days without endless nagging from your mum to get out of bed, tidy your room or stop treating the house like a hotel, but is living away from home everything you expected it to be? The need to remember to cook something nutritious instead of a frozen pizza is just too much hassle and let’s face it, there is only so much pizza one person can handle.

As well as missing your family (and your mum’s delicious home cooked food), during Freshers’ Week, we miss the friends we left behind. You may also have your boyfriend or girlfriend miles away and the time apart during Freshers’ Week has you yearning to see them but I guess that’s the beauty of Skype.

Those early morning lectures and intro talks are not the best cure for a splitting headache from the previous night’s antics and even if you do make the leap out of bed at what feels like dawn, you’re ability to listen suddenly seems like a difficult skill to master.  Freshers’ Week may be packed full of fun, partying and long-lasting memories (which you won’t be telling the grandchildren), yet it seems unfair that the result is a massive hangover the following morning. I suppose the only saving grace is that your friends will be feeling the pain too so you can console each other over a cuppa tea and a fry-up; that is if you haven’t emptied the contents of your fridge. Perhaps that drunken midnight feast wasn’t a great idea after all.

Celebrating the start of Freshers' Week with a drink — Photo courtesy of Sarah Taft

The queuing during Freshers’ Week is an annoyance to say the least and one that we could all do without, whether it’s waiting to pick copious amounts of free stuff at Freshers Fair or standing in the freezing cold waiting to get into Sugarhouse.

The frustrating task of trying to find your lecture room, walking what can only be described by your feet as a marathon and ending up in the exact place that you started is a definite downside to your first week at university.

Everything has its pros and cons and Freshers’ Week is no exception, no matter whether you had a week to remember or one you’d rather forget, there will be plenty more memorable experiences to be had. After all, Freshers’ Week is an introduction into the university life so now we’re all experts anyone for a fifteen hour bar crawl?

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