Pendle bar refurb put back again


The refurbishment of Pendle bar has left student disappointed once again, as plans have been delayed by the University for the second time.

The bar was originally due to be refurbished over the summer however that was set back to Week 5 in the first term. Students will now face a wait until February to use the facilities in a newly refurbished bar. Many students have been excited about the new facility, especially third year students who were looking forward to using their rejuvenated bar for at least two terms. Many Pendle students feel let down.

JCR President Andy Barnett said: “I was excited about enjoying a new bar for a year, then that became two terms and now it is only for a term.” The JCR also feel they should have been informed that work was going to be delayed, as they had socials planned in other halls and many off campus socials. Now they feel they have to change plans to accommodate for the period the bar will actually be closed.

Originally Communications Officer for Facilities, Louisa Duff said the design for the layout was changed and this was agreed with the college. However JCR President Andy believes students were happy about the original designs and is frustrated with the lack of communication between them and facilities as they are only kept informed by the bar licensee and the college principal.

When asked about whether LUSU were consulted regarding the postponement of the refurbishment of the bar, LUSU President Robbie Pickles said, “There were no conversations with the Students’ Union, I only heard about the delay to the planned refurbishments from Andy.” He added, “It is fair to say that this project has been put back twice now.”

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