Roses 2011 is Lancaster’s greatest shot at an away victory for a long time


After the turbulent times and negativity of the last few weeks, I thought it would be best to spend this article writing in a much more positive light. Seeing as I haven’t mentioned it for a few weeks now, it might as well be brought up again; that’s right, the ‘R’ word. Roses 2011 is fast approaching, and we must build on the success of last year when we travel to York in May.

There have only been eight away victories in the history of Roses. However, I think that this year is Lancaster’s greatest chance at an away victory for a long time, and as a result, I am looking forward to working with as many different students as possible in order to spread the word and fever that Roses can bring to the general student population. The Roses Exec is an excellent way to get to see more of the tournament, as it is that body which will contribute the most to the event as a whole (other than the competitors of course…)

Along with the Chair of Sports Exec and Inter College Sports Co-ordinators who also sit on the committee, the Roses Exec will meet with our York counterparts on a fairly regular basis in order to make sure the best Roses yet is being delivered. Anyone can apply to be on the Roses Exec so please keep your eyes and ears peeled over the next few days to see how you can try out to get involved. There are only limited numbers unfortunately, so if you are not successful please make sure you back Roses 2011 in as many ways possible, our teams would certainly appreciate it greatly!

With regards to the event as a whole, plans are starting to gain more momentum now as we roll through the term and I hope to reveal more details in the next issue of SCAN. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible supporting our teams during the rest of the term, be it University or college, as they gain more and more match experience and therefore wins!

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