Just keep digging


I wanted to say how pleased I am to see SCAN embracing proper investigative journalism this year. I’ve been at the university for many years and have always known that there were stories out there if people just bothered to look for them. It’s good to see that SCAN has moved away from the days when it would only have three pages of news to having a dedicated investigations section.

It’s refreshing to see that at a time when the national media is having to cut back on its investigative wing – through lack of funds and a general backlash whenever they do dig up stories the public/politicans aren’t happy about – the journalists of the future are keeping the tradition going strong. Don’t give it up: you’re bound to annoy a lot of people by exposing their failings, but if journalism isn’t about exposing corruption, foul dealings and ineptitude then I don’t know what it is about!

An avid and grateful reader

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