Dim witted students 2


I have to say I agree with the lady complaining about the quality of students at Lancaster University. Recently, I was attempting to write my dissertation in a quiet zone of the library when a fellow student’s phone rings.

He then proceeded to shout and swear down the phone so loud that it began to echo and everyone on B floor was getting quite annoyed and offended, no one was doing anything so I decided to walk over and ask him to stop. To this, he replied with a stream of swearwords that would be more expected of a socially challenged chavvy 14-year-old, not someone attending a top 10 university.

Between him threatening to “punch my f***ing lights out” and other charming proclamations, I sat down next to him and calmly looked him in the eye and tried to explain why I (and half the library) were annoyed. I then asked him to look around and see what a fool of himself he was making which made him blush, but made the shouting louder.

It’s quite sad that a university that claims to be top 10 allows students with such childish, abusive and dangerous attitudes to come here. the saddest thing is that this is by no means the first time I have seen such behaviour in three years at Lancaster. so much for being a top 10 uni…

Rory O’Brien
Pendle College

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