Misogyny debate blown out of proportion


I believe that Ed McConnell’s article was blown far out of proportion by Chris Witter who suggested in the previous issue of SCAN that McConnell is overtly blaming women for misogyny, and apparently parroting Dominic Raab’s comment accusing feminists of being bigots!

What rubbish! Even with my own slightly feminist views, I myself wouldn’t even criticise McConnell for some of the points he made.

Women are publicly allowed to have dig at men but not vice versa, and some women genuinely do enjoy “flaunting their wares”.

Not only this but I find it extremely ironic that McConnell’s most recent article directly written on the following page of Witter’s comment, depicts women as inspiring and respected and suggests that the lack of diversity in politics should not be reflected in a student union.

Therefore, I find the attack on Ed McConnell’s article uncalled for.

Marsha Dowie
Lonsdale College

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