Lancaster begin Roses on a high in seconds Cricket

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Lancaster opened up the scoring of the Roses tournament with a fine victory against York in the men’s Cricket seconds.

The away side won the toss and decided to let York bat first. The team were strong in the early stages of the game, but a pairing between Patel and Cooke from the York side stabilised their innings and seemed quite comfortable in their wicket scoring. Once this partnership ended the score stood at 124-2 which then seemingly collapsed to 153-7.

The home team achieved 213 all out, which was considered, by the York side at least, to be slightly under-par.

Lancaster made the most of this under-par performance and began their inning with a strong start. It was not until the side reached 78 that York were able to start doing some damage to their progress.

Despite the strong start, the Lancaster game faltered as they began to lose wickets. With 151-6 the team were 63 runs short of the totally required to win the game. It was close. Nonetheless, Lancaster maintained composure and managed to win the game 217-7, a marginal 3 wicket victory. The York captain Bartlett congratulated Lancaster and told SCAN: “It was a tough game. Lancaster just came out on top, on another day we might have nicked it but we were 40 runs too short, I think”. Overall, this was an excellent start to a tournament with high expectations for the away side.

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